March Break

Just back from a week in Myrtle Beach. The weather was fantastic and it was nice to feel the warmth of the sun.

A few observations about Myrtle Beach:

  • There are tons of places to stay at very reasonable prices. You can usually find a place with kitchen/living room/bedroom configuration that is on the water, or close to it.
  • Many good restaurants, although we tend to steer clear of the over priced buffets. We did find a really nice one on the water with a fantastic $5 lunch menu. Yes, we did see flying fish while waiting for our lunch.
  • The pool water was ideal and the beach water was a little cold for my liking–although we did see people in swimming!
  • More than enough stuff to keep you busy for the week. The boys really liked the Nascar go carts and were able to get their fill of speed driving. Being off season it was very quiet with no long line-ups.

We broke up the drive into 2 days so we did not go completely stir crazy in the car. We are looking forward to going back sometime and would recommend Myrtle Beach as a vacation spot!



Wow, I have not updated here for a year! Not that I don’t care about writing, but I have been doing weekly update over at my other blog.

Tons of stuff happening lately, especially on the job front and traveling across Ontario. Getting geared up right now for a number of fundraising bike rides across Ontario to support our Bible Translation work. There are some great people that get involved in this project and I appreciate getting to spend time with passionate athletes from across the province!


Lost Camera Story

I recently read about someone who lost their camera bag in Africa and it reminded me of something that happened to us a couple of years ago.

I was on a trip to Europe with my son and my father-in-law.  On the second day of our trip we took a taxi to the train station in Paris for a day trip to Normandy.  When we entered the station my father-in-law said that he had lost his camera.  We thought it must have been left in the cab, or it must have been stolen!  I assured my father-in-law that we could call the cab company when we got back that evening.

The next morning I checked my email and had a message from my wife.  She said that a lady in Paris had found the camera, called her sister in Brampton, who called my mother-in-law in Niagara Falls, who called my wife in Ottawa, who emailed me in Paris!  She had left her phone number for us in Paris.

I immediately called her and she described how she found the camera on the ground near the train station.  She gave us directions how to get to her house to retrieve the camera.  Take the metro to the end of the line, take a bus to the end of a line, find a phone and she would come down and meet us!

We followed the instructions and soon enough we were at the location calling her to meet us.  She came out holding the camera in the air and greeted us.  My father-in-law was so happy to be reunited with his camera and was ready to offer a big reward.  The lady refused all attempts to reward her and spoke about how important pictures are to the picture taker.

We had been warned that Paris was notorious for pickpockets, so it was great to experience the opposite.  I hope that we can all be as kind and considerate when we find something of value!


New Discovery

I recently started using boxee as one of my main tv viewing platform. I have had it for awhile on my apple tv, but we added a boxee box to the system in the basement. Basically boxee pulls content from across the web and you would not believe how much content is out there.

Here are a few observations about boxee:

  • Really simple to use and set-up
  • Real content power comes from adding applications. Navi-x is one of my favorites
  • Almost any movie you can think of is out there
  • Sometimes you need to be patient as it can take time for the content to stream
  • The only drawback I can see to not move from satellite/cable is an ability to watch live sports

If you have ever tried boxee, I would love to hear your feedback and what apps you use?

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