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The Adventure Begins

The adventure began when I was born in a little out of the way place in the middle of Zululand. A year later my parents moved to Swaziland where we lived for 12 years. After a brief stay in South Africa, we immigrated to Canada where my parents settled in Sarnia, Ontario.

Adventure in Family LandroverI think those early formative years instilled in me a love for adventure and travel. In Africa, our travel consisted of camping trips to the beach, to game parks and other scenic locations. The trusty landrover took us many places! My parents had friends in Mozambique, so we visited Lourenco Marques (Maputo) before the Civil war closed the country. I do remember the fantastic waterfront area and the delicious Portuguese tarts!

As my mother was from Canada, every four or five years meant a trip across the ocean! When I was very young this happened on several different ocean liners. I have vague memories of those adventure trips and of course a few pictures of some crazy activities! On another occasion we stopped in the UK on the way over and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on the way back. From that trip, I remember going to see Christ the Redeemer statue and being warned of the strong waves on Copacabana beach.

When we finally moved to Canada, I was thirteen and by now loved traveling on planes and staying in any place away from home! On the way over we spent three days in the Netherlands and a week in Switzerland. A week-long Swiss Travel Pass was well used as we traveled all around the country!

Off to School

After spending my high school years in Southern Ontario, I headed off to school in Chicago. This opened up some interesting travel options across the USA, including a weekend driving trip from Chicago to Los Angeles! Of course, we also had to do those March Break trips to Florida and made $100 stretch a long way! On one trip we drove all the way down to Key West with no place to stay and ending up sleeping in the car hidden on a backstreet. The drive away cars we brought back from Florida were a real treat, as they gave us some extra spending money and a back seat to sleep in!

From Chicago, I moved to Toronto for a year of school and enjoyed the incredible diversity of that city. That year we went to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with hardly any money and camped near the beach. At least the accommodation was cheap and the biggest expense was the gas for the vehicles we drove down there!

First Job and Continued Adventure

In my first job I was offered a free trip to Guayaquil, Ecuador and jumped at the opportunity. I led a group of teens on a work project to the high desert of Mexico and a group of young adults back to Ecuador. On those trips, we would talk about where we wanted to travel to and swapped travel adventures.

I have since been on multiple trips by land, sea and air. At last count, I have visited 44 countries and am always looking for an opportunity to cross another country off my list. You can read about many of my experiences on the blog and these are updated regularly. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me, as we enjoy travel together!