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Travel DealsI love travel deals! Sometimes my family thinks that I have gone a little overboard in my pursuit of a good deal. I guess the truth is that I hate to pay full price. Or, I hate to imagine that I just bought something and then I found it at a cheaper price! I’m really not sure where I first developed this habit, but I seem to be comfortable with it at this stage in my life!

To begin with, I seldom pay full price for anything! This includes all forms of travel things, as well as the normal household purchases. Comparison shopping and price matching is something that I regularly do. Even when I get the funny look from the person behind me in line, it does not bother me. My phone is a helpful tool and a quick look at the weekly travel section never hurt!

I also subscribe to a good number of regular travel emails that let me know of bargains that are available. It never hurts to see what is out there and I can simply delete the emails if need be.

You can be the person on the plane who paid the least for that seat!

On my blog I write about:

  • Good tools for comparison shopping
  • Places to find great deals on certain travel products
  • Ideas for being frugal, but not cheap

I welcome your ideas as we save money together!

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