Prague to Vienna by Train (Day 11)

Goodbye Prague

Prague to Vienna WenceslasAll packed for the train from Prague to Vienna. After a good breakfast, I wanted to see Wenceslas Square. It actually looks like a long Boulevard, with a center section for sitting and cars going up each side. A statue of King Wenceslas on a horse dominates one end. (The Czech people have a saying for when they are meeting, the basic translation is “Meet you under the horse’s tail.”) Yes, this is the same Wenceslas from the Christmas carol. (Good King Wenceslas looked out…) This is the square where hundreds of thousand protested against communism and celebrated the end of the Cold War.

Prague to Vienna

One metro stop and I was at the Train Station. At the train station, you look on the big board to find your train departure and platform number. You may Prague to Vienna Wenceslas Squarehave to wait awhile for the platform number to come up, but don’t fear it eventually does! It is also good to know what part of the train your coach is if you have a confirmed reservation. In Prague, there were boards with all this information on them. Then when you head for the platform you have some idea of where to wait for the train. There are plenty of people, working for the station, that can help if you get a little confused.

Onboard the Prague to Vienna train I found my seat and settled in. I decided on 1st Class as it was only slightly more than 2nd class. The seats had more room, you got a free water, free newspapers, free magazines, and drinks/meals were served at your seat. The prices were very reasonable on the train and the food and drinks were surprisingly good. My lunch of soup, sandwich and drink were just over $7. I also had a really good latte which was $2.40.

This particular Prague to Vienna train has a screen that shows the stops and the speed of the train. I think the fastest I saw it going was 160 km. It stopped at least 5 times on the way to Vienna.

Train Stations

Prague to Vienna stationOne of the things that I like about European cities is the location of the train stations. Centrally located with convenient connections to city transport. In Vienna, they have just completed a large project with their train system. My hotel was next to the station and was only a couple of minutes walk. There were several good hotels that were very close by.

The train station had a large grocery store (Spar) that was in the building. I picked up some drinks and snacks for later. It was almost like a mini-mall and some stores were on two levels.

Hotel Check-In

I was not sure what to expect from the hotel, (Star Inn Hotel Premium) as it was booked primarily for its location. It might best be described as “business budget.” I had to chuckle when they offered me the breakfast option for 13 euros!  The rooms were very clean, had a separate toilet area and the shower was open to the rest of the room! You better like the people you are traveling with if you are going to stay here! It had a nice television, small fridge, but no coffee making options. It was quiet at night, in spite of being next to the train station and the wifi worked great.

After doing a small load of laundry,  I decided to turn in as I feel a cold coming on. My train leaves tomorrow at 7:50 am and I want to have a quick look around the train station.


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